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Inside our Forum, you’ll find behind-the-scenes stories about our Portfolio Companies, a library of our past Seroba newsletters and interviews with CEOs. You’ll also find a selection of very short videos – Why not pick one to watch during your next coffee break?

Meet The Entrepreneur

At Seroba, we believe that the role of CEO is key to the success of a company.  What makes a good CEO?  Well, we know it’s a mix of experience, dedication and  passion but there’s also another ingredient - that entrepreneurial ‘je ne sais quoi’.  In this section, we interview CEOs and try to find out what drives each one to create and build a successful company.

Mte Endotronix
Mte Shorla V2
Mte Fusion V2

Our Newsletters

Seroba sends regular newsletters out to our contacts. If you’ve missed one, you’ll find a library of our past newsletters here.

Ezine October 2022
E Zine October 2021
Ezine May 2021
E Zine December 2020
E Zine July 2020
E Zine November 2019 V2
E Zine May 2019
E Zine 4


In this section, you’ll find a library of past articles, stories and news about Seroba and its portfolio companies. If you spot a title that interests you, why not pick one off the shelf?

Gene Therapy
German Medtech
Gebder Diversity
Ipo Market
The Most Important Sector Date
A Precision Exit.v2
Nobel Laureate Visit
The Big Taboo V3
Lets Talk Exits
A Gut Feeling

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