Making a Success Out of Treating Heart Failure

In the US alone, nearly six million people suffer from heart failure and it is the leading cause of hospitalization in people over the age of 65. With high mortality rates, frequent hospital readmissions and annual treatment costs of over $31B in the U.S., there is clearly a need for better proactive management and coordination of care for patients with chronic heart failure. 1,2

For patients with a history of heart issues, a change in pulmonary arterial (PA) pressure serves as an accurate early warning of heart failure exacerbations. PA pressure is the force with which blood flows through the lungs and pressure elevations are present weeks before symptoms such as shortness of breath and weight gain.

Traditional methods of checking the pressure require a heart catheterization, in which a tube is inserted through an incision in the groin or neck. Seroba’s portfolio company, Endotronix, has developed a product that will make measuring that pressure much easier: a tiny sensor that is permanently implanted in the pulmonary artery. Doctors can then monitor patients continuously and intervene if they detect an increasing trend in PA Pressure.

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The CordellaTM Heart Failure System is designed to streamline clinical workflow. The easy-to-use system extends clinical care into the patient’s home by collecting and securely transmitting daily patient data and insights to the clinician to enable guideline-directed medical therapy. For suitable patients, the system seamlessly integrates pulmonary artery (PA) pressure data using its proprietary wireless, implantable sensor that is currently in late-stage clinical development. Clinical studies have demonstrated that PA pressure-guided management can reduce HF-related hospitalizations by 37% and provide a mortality benefit.3,4

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In September, Endotronix announced the close of a Series D financing round totalling $45 million. This financing will accelerate the U.S. and E.U. launch of the Cordella System and support the upcoming randomised, controlled clinical study, PROACTIVE-HF, to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of proactive heart failure management. Read more

Visit the Endotronix website to find out more about how the Cordella System can improve the lives of patients suffering from heart failure.

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