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Coave Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on developing life-changing gene therapies... see more
Shorla is an Irish speciality pharma company developing new oncology therapeutic... see more
Storm Therapeutics is a drug discovery company tackling oncology and other diseases through modulating RNA... see more
Palliare is dedicated to creating a safer operating room environment.... see more
Atlantic Therapeutics has developed a neuromuscular electrical stimulation device to treat... see more
Prexton, a biotech developing novel treatments for the debilitating symptoms of... see more
Fusion is a clinical-stage pharma company focused on developing next-generation... see more
Novate Medical developed a novel inferior vena cava filter that converts... see more
Endotronix is developing proactive management tools for early detection of... see more
Apica developed novel access and closure devices for... see more
PQ Bypass is working to transform the treatment of long-segment femoropopliteal... see more
Quanta is developing advanced haemodialysis systems for dialysis patients which... see more
Veryan developed innovative stent solutions to treat... see more
Acoustic liquid handling products for applications in... see more
PrecisionBiotics developed microbiome-based healthcare products to treat... see more
Ario Pharma was engaged in developing new therapeutics for the treatment of... see more
Xention a cardiovascular biotech company... see more
Covagen developed a novel platform technology for... see more
Biosensia developed a point-of-care system to... see more
Crescent Diagnostics has developed Osentia®, a diagnostic test to identify... see more
A specialty pharmaceutical company that focused on the development and commercialisation of... see more
Medlumics is developing new medical devices for the treatment of... see more
An immunology company with assets for the treatment of oncology... see more
Heart Metabolics was developing a drug to treat a rare heart disorder... see more

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