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Welcome to Seroba's newsletter. In this issue we share news about some of the exciting things happening in our portfolio and focus on exits and funding developments within the life sciences.

Our Second Brain

Second Brain

Most people have heard about the benefits of probiotics for our mental and physical health, but science is now discovering that the gut-brain axis is even more important and influential in our lives than we ever imagined. Through its investment in Alimentary Health, Seroba has been following this area of science since its very earliest days. Now scientists are asking the intriguing question: 'Which brain is really running the show - the one in our heads, or the one in our gut?'
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The Big Taboo

The Big Taboo

If one in four women suffer from bladder weakness, how come nobody talks about it? Despite the large number of sufferers affected, incontinence is seldom mentioned in public discourse. Now, a new product called INNOVO® is changing all that. Seroba's portfolio company, Atlantic Therapeutics, has launched INNOVO® Shorts, a wearable technology that treats incontinence - and suddenly everyone is talking about this hitherto taboo topic. Get a sneak preview of the new TV ad that's kick-starting the conversation and find out how this revolutionary technology is transforming daily lives. Read more

Making A Success of Treating Heart Failure

Treating Heart Failure

Seroba's portfolio company, Endotronix, has closed a $45m funding round, led by LSP and supported by Seroba and other existing investors. These funds will support the commercialisation of the company's Heart Failure System through CE Marking and FDA approval. Heart Failure impacts more than 60 million people worldwide. That figure is expected to rise by 25% by 2030. Read more

Let's Talk Exits


In March, Seroba's portfolio company, Prexton, sold to Lundbeck and then in September our portfolio company, Novate Medical, sold to BTG.  Seroba partner, Daniel O'Mahony, chats about his role as a venture capitalist and about the mystical science of VC exits. Read more

Behind The Numbers

Behind The Numbers

As global economies change, new channels of investment are constantly opening up.  Peter Sandys, managing partner at Seroba, talks about an emerging global trend in financing within the Life Science industry. Read more

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